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An Ohio man named Douglas is on every stoner's mind after the Washington County Sheriff's office posted his wanted person ad, and people all over started paying attention due to a key facial feature.


Douglas Christopher is fifty one years old and wanted after failing to update his address while on parole- it's thought that he's currently homeless.

The "pothead" ink isn't the only tattoo Christopher has either- according to his wanted poster, homeboy is all inked up. He has hand tattoos, ink on his arms, ink on his legs, and tattoos on his chest. Then again, to have a giant marijuana leaf on your forehead you probably need a couple of introductory tattoos to warm yourself up. I mean, a Mary Jane face tat is a big commitment towards being a stoner. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 12.17.08 PM

If you happen to live in Ohio and see a man with a giant marijuana leaf on his forehead, police encourage you to contact them. And don't get a face tattoo if you plan on being a criminal (please don't plan on being a criminal, laws exist for reasons).