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Khara and Angel Cartagena are not only partners in love, but an entrepreneurial dynamic duo. Over the years, they've teamed up on a number of Philadelphia-based businesses including real estate development, mixed martial arts promotions and training, and a highly acclaimed sex toy boutique called The Velvet Lily. However, today they've turned their attention toward the world of cannabis and are launching a revolutionary line of Hemp Extract, CBD, and THC products under the name Breakthrough Brands LLC.


After earning her stripes working in the Cannabis Industry for Woodstock Products International and Cancore Concepts (Keef Cola) in Colorado for the last six years, Khara began developing a line of cannabis products that include Hemp and CBD-infused pet treats and shampoos, Hemp and CBD infused Kinesiology tape and patches, and Hemp and CBD infused Tattoo Care Potions and Essential Oil Blends for Inked Magazine ™.

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Using the finest PurSpectrum ™ CBD, PurSpectrum ™ Hemp Extract and high-quality ingredients, these products are made with their patent-pending Encapsulated Micelle Formulation process called InviumComplete ™ which is designed to create better and faster absorption. Pioneered by their team of chemists and formulators who have not only been in the Cannabis Industry for years, but also have extensive experience in Nuclear Chemistry, Cosmetic Chemistry, and Colloidal Chemistry.

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Want to try one of their revolutionary products for yourself? In May of 2019, Breakthrough Brands will be unveiling the Inked line of CBD-infused tattoo aftercare potions. The first products to hit the shelves will be Inked Rescue and Inked Revive; a Hemp and CBD lotion and spray designed to treat your ink like never before. Additionally, they are introducing Hemp and CBD infused Essential Oil Blends called Rise, Dream, Relax and Recover that are blended for stimulating your senses for energy and focus, for a good night’s sleep, for stress release, and of course for a hangover. Stay tuned for this exciting product launch and keep your eyes peeled for more releases in the near future in the Cannabis Industry as they are looking for partners specifically in Recreationally Licensed States.

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Inked Hemp & CBD Products will be available on, and For more information, licensing opportunities for THC, Distribution, and Wholesale opportunities on their products go to

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