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Here at Inked Magazine, we're all about promoting safe tattooing by licensed professionals. However, from time to time we see someone MacGyver a "tattoo machine" that deserves some recognition. While we're by no means recognizing these individual's efforts as a good thing for the industry or their own personal well being, their shenanigans never fail to entertain. And when it comes to today's tattoo, you won't believe the idiocy that went into producing a social media sensation.


Both @monday_malarkey and @snake__pit, Instagram's gatekeepers of the best of the worst in tattooing, have reported on this bad boy—and let us tell you, there are multiple red flags with this tattoo. 

First off, the person created a "tattoo machine" using a power drill, a mechanical pencil, some wire, and tape. Literally, none of these supplies say "safe" or "legit" tattoo process.

Second, there aren't any gloves or covers present, meaning that this tattoo is likely unsanitary as God knows what. However, this really comes as no big surprise.

Lastly, what exactly is the final "design" supposed to be? Or is this tattoo less about the end product and more a testament to making a D.I.Y machine?

What do you think about this power drill "tattoo machine?" What's the craziest D.I.Y tattoo hack that you've seen on social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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