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Presley Gerber, son of supermodel Cindy Crawford and sister of Kaia Gerber, has been the talk of the town this year—largely thanks to his new face tattoos. Back in February, Gerber shocked social media when he debuted a face tattoo on social media—the word "Misunderstood" below his eye. The tattoo was inked by NYC's Jonboy, who's tattooed his younger sister Kaia on a number of occasions. The piece is far from Gerber's first jobstopper, as he already had tattoos on his neck, hands and fingers. Many expressed concern for Gerber following the face tattoo and now, he's added even more ink to his collection.

On March 17th, Gerber took to Instagram to share a selfie, which showed off yet another face tattoo. This time, it's the Los Angeles' Dodger's logo within a star, which is strikingly similar to the tattoo worn by rapper, The Game.

The Game is known for his large "LA" face tattoo, which he got to cover up a butterfly. According to Complex, The Game was first seen with his butterfly face tattoo in May of 2005, then in March 2006 he was seen with it covered by the Dodger's logo. By January 2008, The Game added a red star to the tattoo, which according to an interview he did with, is a reference to Cedar Block, the Blood neighborhood where he grew up.

Now, there's of course a chance that Gerber's face tattoo is makeup or an Instagram filter, but in case it's real, he has a lot of explaining to do. You can't just steal famous people's face tattoos, am I right? What do you think of Gerber's new ink? Would you ever get a face tattoo? Let us know on social media.