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When it comes to snacks, you can go down two roads: sweet or salty. Personally, I've always been a salty gal. One of the best salty snacks you can have is a pretzel and I'm far from the only one who loves these tasty treats. Pretzels are a baked dough pastry that are commonly tied in a knot. The word pretzel derives from the German word Bretzel and there are many disputes as to their origins. Some believe they were invested by a monk in Italy in 610 AD, as a reward for children who finished their prayers. Other lore cites France and Germany as creating pretzels.

Germany has certainly taken claim of pretzels, as they're frequently the emblem of bakeries throughout the country. Salt is the most common topping for pretzels, however, pretzels topped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, melted butter and bacon bits are commonly consumed. The pretzel was introduced to North America via Germany in the late 18th century. Soft pretzels became synonymous with the street cuisine of many cities, particularly Philadelphia. Philadelphia has their own style of pretzels, which are S-shaped and often served with brown mustard. The average Philadelphia native consumes twelve times more pretzels than the national average.

In honor of all the pretzel lovers out there, we've curated some of our favorite pretzel tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the world. Take a peek at these tasty tattoos, then let us know your favorite way to eat pretzels in the comments section on social media.