Royals have a lot of rules they need to follow, especially when it comes to body display. Royals aren't allowed to show affection in public, and are instructed to be as modest as they can be when it comes to actions and clothing. But Princess Sofia, member of the Swedish royal family, is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to royal rules. And she did just that by showing up to the Nobel Prize Awards in an off-the-shoulder gown that showed off the Duchess' cute starburst back tattoo.

princess sofia dress

The Princess wore a stunning blue gown paired with a blue tiara and blue earrings, with an updo that made certain that all would be able to see her ink. The Duchess made sure to show her tattoo at her wedding as well, another risk-taking move for a royal.

princess sofia back

Princess Sofia has always lived her own truth though, and posed for a gentlemen's magazine in her 20's. She's also kissed porn stars, and moved to New York at one point to obtain her degree in accounting- she's a bad bitch. 

princess sofia

With Megan Markle and Princess Sofia in the mix, it seems that the royal rules are going through a huge shift- and we like it.