Priyanka Chopra is not only the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant, but the actor sings and film produces too. Married to Nick Jonas, the goddess is not only one of India’s most popular celebrities, but one of Hollywood’s A-Listers as well.

She tattooed her right wrist, permanently inking her flawless skin with an important mark, in 2015. While the ink has been on her for a bit, she recently opened up about the meaning behind it. Mrs. Jonas had an extremely close relationship with her father, Ashok Chopra. Sadly, after a lengthy battle with cancer, he passed away in 2013. Mr. Chopra had been facing the disease since 2008. During his time of need, the talented beauty put work aside to help her father through his recovery.


Chopra had said, “I was very close to my father. Losing my dad changed me in a big way. I think it created a space in my heart which is empty, and it’s always going to be. My dad was my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. He loved my achievements, he was a major achiever himself. He was a very creative person.”

She added, “So just losing that and losing his insight on my life. I used to be angry with him after he died, I felt abandoned.”

This heartfelt statement makes the sentimental tattoo shine even brighter. Considering their relationship, and the impact her dad had on Chopra’s life, her hand tattoo is the perfect way to honor both her father, and the love she has for him.

Her tattoo reads, “Daddy’s lil girl.” To add to the memento’s sentiment, the delicate ink is in her father’s handwriting.