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Over the years, technology tattoos have become increasingly popular in shops around the world. From sound waves to green screen, there's a number of clever ways to incorporate tech into the tattoo process. QR code tattoos are another popular pick for clients, however, one body art enthusiast may now regret his decision to get one permanently.


A fan of the River Plate soccer team decided to pay homage to their favorite moment in sports history by getting a QR code tattoo that linked to a YouTube video that showed the team's 5-3 victory over their rival, Boca Juniors. However, after sharing the tattoo to Twitter, users who supported opposing teams decided to mess with the football fan by having the video taken down for copyright infringement.

And after the tweet was shared by hundreds of cynical sports fans, the video was removed from YouTube—rendering this man's tattoo technologically useless. Now, when someone scans his tattoo, an error message appears.

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