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Not often are heavily tattooed characters portrayed in leading roles on film and in even fewer instances do we see their ink play a major part in their story line. However, the tattoos of Bryon "Pitbull" Widner take center stage in 2019's Skin. The film follows the real story of Widner, a former Midwestern skinhead who spent 16 years entrenched in violent and racist white power organizations. Through meeting his wife Julie Larsen and becoming a father, he made the choice to leave his life as a skinhead behind, but not without an immense struggle.

One of the biggest steps of Widner leaving his former life behind was removing his extensive collection of face tattoos, many of which had ties to the white power movement. In order to physically erase the hate, Widner enlists the help of activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins, as well as, the Southern Poverty Law Center. An anonymous donor provided $35,000 for Widner's various procedures, which took over a year and a half to complete—not to mention, were excruciatingly painful.

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Actors Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Rocketman), Vera Farmiga (The Departed, The Conjuring), Danielle MacDonald (Dumplin', Birdbox), and Mike Colter (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage) bring the story to life, with Oscar winning director, Guy Nattiv, at the ship's helm. Take a look at the trailer for Skin and catch it in theaters on July 26th, 2019.