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Many footballers go their entire career looking to win just one title. Then there are players like Rafinha who seems to add a new piece of silverware every single year. Each time that Rafinha lifts up a new trophy on the pitch, the footballer adds a new tattoo to his right arm in celebration. 

After spending eight years with Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich, the tradition became commonplace. During his time as Bayern's right back, Rafinha won seven Bundesliga titles and one Champions League title. It got to the point that he's starting to run out of space. 

Last season he left Germany to play for Flamengo in the Brazilian Serie A (also known as the Brasileirão), but he didn't leave his winning ways behind. Flamengo defeated the Argentinian side River Plate with a pair of late goals to win the Copa Libertadores 2-1 on Saturday. Rafinha's tattoo artist better be prepared for some incoming work. 

"For sure, I will tattoo it, yes. I like to mark my achievements and the tattoo is a form that I find works," Rafinha told reporters. "This will certainly have a little space in my body, preferably on my arm, which is where I tattoo my trophies. It will definitely be marked."

You can see some of Rafinha's trophy tattoos on his right arm above.

You can see some of Rafinha's trophy tattoos on his right arm above.

We can't wait to see the tattoo once it's done. We're always psyched when athletes celebrate their titles with tattoos. Given his previous winning ways, something tells us that Rafinha may be bringing even more titles (and tattoos) to Flamengo in the following seasons.