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Over the years, more and more celebrities have made the bold decision to tattoo their faces. However, while each of these stars has fame and fortune, not all face tattoos were created equal. We've ranked 10 of the most iconic celebrities' with face tattoos and you'll want to see who's found themselves at the top of the pack.


10. Lil Pump

There is nothing redeemable about Lil Pump's face tattoos. Luckily, they already all look 10 years old and will likely be easy to remove.

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 3.15.26 PM

9. Tekashi 69

Tekashi 69's face tattoos are just as cringey as he is. Seriously, what the hell was he thinking?


8. Lil Xan

I wish Lil Xan had a good friend to talk him out of all of the horrible tattoo decisions he's made. However, here we are.


7. Lil Wayne

Although Lil Wayne has made some good tattoo decisions in recent years, particularly the eyeball on his chin, one good piece doesn't make up for the cluster fuck of shitty work.


6. Justin Bieber

Oh honey, you tried. Seriously, why even bother getting your face tattooed when you need a magnifying glass to see it?


5. Post Malone

This one had me more conflicted than the finale of Game of Thrones. Because while Post Malone does have some good face tattoos, the wave and the "Stay Away" for example, he detracts from his handsome features with the "Always Tired."


4. Kat Von D

Kat Von D was one of the first celebrities to rock face tattoos and for the time, her ink isn't that bad. If Kat Von D had gotten her face tattoos today, they'd likely be very different, however, for getting them in the early 2000s, they're not half bad.


3. Kehlani

Kehlani kept it simple with her face tattoos and we're on board. Listen up kids, you can still be edgy and cool but with minimal designs on your face.


2. Travis Barker

After decades of collecting tattoos, Travis Barker was prepared when he finally got around to tattooing his face. The "Blessed" script is very well done and the small tattoos under his eyes are tasteful.


1. Mike Tyson

Whether or not you like tribal, Mike Tyson's tattoo is pretty sweet. And it makes sense that his artist knocked it out of the park, because the last person you'd want to mess with is Mike Tyson. The design fits his face well and has aged exceptionally over time. Plus, this tattoo is a classic!