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The bond between siblings is deep. Sharing blood with someone is the kind of relationship that can never be completely severed. That being said, getting a tattoo of your sister's face is a next level act of dedication and love. Singer/actor Ray J proved to the world that he's got immense love for his sister Brandy when he got her portrait tattooed this week. 

Ray J thought a little outside the box when he chose Maskow to do the tattoo. While Mashkow is celebrated for his celebrity portraits, his style isn't exactly your run-of-the-mill familial portraits. His style is a mashup of color realism portraiture and graffiti. In other words, his portraits look like they've been tagged up. The Brandy tattoo he created is a little restrained compared to much of his work, but it is very clearly in the style that has made him a household name among tattoo collectors. 

via Ray J's Instagram

via Ray J's Instagram

What makes this Ray J's tribute stand out in comparison to the rest of Mashkow's work is that it isn't a fan getting ink of their favorite celeb, it's a brother showing his love for his sister and best friend. As such, the messages scribbled upon her face feel truly heartfelt, particularly the inscription on her cheek. 

In the caption of his Instagram post, Ray J announced his intention of filling his leg with "music, love scriptures, the holy bible, family, ghosts, positive words and themes." It's going to take a long time for him to fill up an entire leg sleeve, so it'll be an interesting process to watch. No word as to whether Mashkow will be doing all of the work—he has already done a tattoo featuring Ray J and Brandy's cousin Snoop Dogg—but we'll surely be keeping our eyes out to see what other tattoos Ray J adds.