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A lot of things have happened in the 17 years since Reach NYC disbanded in 2004. A quartet of presidents have been elected, the Red Sox and Cubs combined to win five World Series, Facebook went from being a thing on a few college campuses to a corporate behemoth poised to take over the world, for starters. But one thing that most definitely hasn't changed is Rene Mata's ability to belt out a killer rock anthem. 

Mata's passion for music hasn't diminished one iota, this was evident within seconds of being asked why the band got back together. What was intended to be a one-off show opening for their friends in P.O.D snowballed into something bigger. "By the time we started rehearsing, we were laughing our asses off," Mata says. "It was just definitely helping my mental health a lot. Being with my good friends, my brothers, playing music again. We're playing music because we love each other and we love playing music."

"Automatic" is the second single the band has released since they've gotten back together. Just like the first new song they released, "Back From the Dead" featuring Jacoby Shadix from Papa Roach, "Automatic" also has a guest appearance from one of Mata's pals. 

"The song features my buddy Mark Morton from Lamb of God," Mata says. "Mark was like, 'I definitely want to do something with you,' so I was like, 'Why don't you play a solo on this?'"

As you'll see down below, the song doesn't just kick all sorts of ass (which it does), but they enlisted a killer artist to throw together the video. "We had an amazing video done by this artist Boy Epic," Mata explains. "He's an incredible, incredible video director and artist himself. He did this crazy video with a VR reality, '80s vibe to it." 

But enough words about the song, that's not what you're here for. Check out the video premiere for "Automatic" by Reach NYC!