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Richie is an eccentric celebrity barber working in Hollywood, California. He's coiffed the likes of Benji Madden and Baby Goth, all while presenting himself in an extremely unconventional manner. If you can't already tell, Richie has permanent clown makeup tattooed on his face and rocks Bozo-esque bright red hair. He's gained a prominent following for his unconventional physical presentation and has been featured in videos by Barcroft as well as the Los Angeles Times.

Yesterday, Richie streamed live on his YouTube channel and shared his lady getting her face tattooed to match his. The pair visited Eric Worx at Sunset Strip Tattoo for a feminine version of Richie's iconic clown face.

Take a look at the full video below and let us know what you think of this unusual tattoo? Would you get a face tattoo to match your boyfriend or is this a recipe for laser removal?