Rihanna has made history once again with her sixth Vogue cover- making her the first black woman to have quite this many solitary American covers with the magazine. Oh- she also confirmed that reggae-inspired album we’ve all been hoping for.

Rihanna is featured on the to-be-released cover of Vogue in a gorgeous, Fenty, salmon colored jacket and her signature nude, dewy makeup- it’s enough to make even the most conservative readers drool. The article itself possesses even more gorgeous images of the singer, but most noticeable are her strong and powerful poses. She’s not worried about making herself smaller in the way so often seen from models, in fact she's posing in ways that elevate her strength and highlight every aspect of her body. Even the outfit designs are made to illuminate the very essence of Rihanna- her gowns are bulky and show off her staple tattoos, body, and grunge-yet-high-end style. Everything about the images make it obvious that Rihanna painstakingly picked over every element- from the outfits, to the makeup, to the way she would hold her body.

Rihanna Vogue Cover

The article contains some key pieces of information that are easily missed if you aren’t looking for anything more than the pictures of this goddess- for one thing, she confirms that her long awaited reggae album is happening. But the Navy has to learn patience, because the woman is taking on a lot at the moment by growing her many brands. Her makeup line is still skyrocketing to fame, her lingerie is taking over the industry, and Fenty is the shit in the fashion world, so it’s safe to say that Riri is quite busy. When asked about a release date for her new album, Bad Girl Ri-Ri told Vogue reporter Abbie Aguiree “They’re going to kill you for that… my scary fans. But they’ve earned it. They got me here.” The singer also confirmed that she will never stop making music, because according to the article it was her “first pen pal-ship to the world.”

Rihanna for Vogue

Rihanna for Vogue

The songstress’ latest issue of Vogue drops on October 16th, making it her sixth cover with the magazine. The cover comes right after the designer’s disruptive SavagexFenty fashion show that aired on Amazon September 20th, granting viewers a deep dive into the inclusivity that Rihanna features in her lingerie and general designs. The entire Vogue spread is focused around her growth as an artist, woman, and entrepreneur- reminding us for the sixth time now that Rihanna is the baddest bitch on the block.