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With over 160K followers on Instagram, Jayce Wallingford's mark in the tattoo industry is shown through the countless collectors that wear his floral and geometric black-and-grey work.

Born and raised in the arms of an artist, Wallingford's mother had shown him how to interact with the world through art. "She taught me how to manifest my imagination, work through emotions, and connect with people through creativity," he wrote on his bio page for All Sacred Tattoo Studio in Denver, Colorado. "Art has been heavily ingrained in every aspect of my life, it is what I know and love. Tattooing is not just my job, it is a way for me to connect with the people and world around me. Tattooing makes me happy, and I work hard to make sure my tattoos make my clients happy too. I am blessed to be called a tattooer."

Wallingford collectors permanently honor his work on their skin. With prayers to the Wallingford and the All Sacred families, we highlight Jayce Wallingford's incredible work, to honor the artist that had passed too soon.