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This year, we introduced our YouTube audience to tattoo artist Robbie Ripoll. In addition to being a badass new school artist, Ripoll is a comic genius. Prior to appearing on Inked, Ripoll went viral on MTV after a video of him crying during a palm tattoo was shown during Ridiculousness. Then, he charmed our audience with his unique stories and clever quips, becoming an over night fan favorite.

However, Ripoll's life was turned upside down during a suspension stunt gone wrong during the Kansas City Tattoo Convention in May 2019. During the suspension, Ripoll climbed the rig and jumped, causing the cables to break. When the cables broke, he landed on his right leg, which broke on impact.

After his injury, Ripoll and his family relocated to Florida to be closer to his doctors. Over the past year, Ripoll has had seven surgeries and on December 17th, it was announced by his partner Donna that he'd be having his leg amputated on the 19th.

"Robbie went to the doctors today and left with an appointment for Friday to amputate his leg," Donna Jean Taylor shares. "This is one of the hardest things. Robbie has fought so hard to keep his leg but the truth is his leg has been doomed since the moment the rope broke."

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A fundraiser for Robbie has been creating on Facebook and so far, there have been over $9,900 donations made to the family. To support Robbie and Donna, CLICK HERE. "I know it’s the holiday season and everyone is pushing their budgets as it," Donna Jean Taylor shares. "But if you could donate anything it will help us out so much. If you can’t, that’s okay too and we love you guys no matter what!"