Life-long best friend of Whitney Houston, Robyn Crawford, shared in her upcoming biography that her and Houston were lovers. 

In a heartbreaking excerpt, Crawford shares that her and Houston "wanted to be together." But after Houston had signed her record deal with Arista, she broke off the physical relationship because the journey would be far too difficult for two women in a relationship to navigate. According to Crawford, she agreed- "She said people would be against us, and back in the 80's that's how it felt." So the two ended their physical relationship and kept silent about it- Houston would never come to the public about it, passing away before she was able.


Houston passed away back in 2012 after a heart attack, and she was known for her singing and acting abilities. Fans loved her for her spitfire attitude- most notable when she told Diane Sawyer that she was too rich to do crack. Her life was filled with vicious rumors about drug use and sexual partners, and ultimately this is what led to sad reality of Houston breaking off a relationship that she seemed to have loved dearly. 

Crawford's memoir, A Song for You, comes out November 11. The book discusses her life living next to Houston, their relationship, and the unique love that they built for one another.