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Forty-five years ago, the world was taken on a strange journey to the light over at the Frankenstein Place. We watched with Antici……(Say it!)pation, as a newly engaged couple, and the hero and heroine of our tale, Brad(Asshole) and Janet(Slut) meet scientist, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, his handyman and domestic, Riff Raff and Magenta, and groupie, Columbia, on the day he reveals his latest creation, Rocky, the perfect specimen to relieve his tension.

The “Rocky Horror Picture Show”(RHPS), based on Richard O’Brien’s stage show of the same name, takes inspiration from the 1950s B movies O’Brien watched religiously during his childhood and plays with the campy nature of these films. The musical is particularly well known for its soundtrack, a staple on many Halloween party playlists, that features many earworms, including the ever-popular “Time Warp” and “Sweet Transvestite.”

While RHPS is a cult classic with a devoted and dedicated fan base, the film was a bomb with empty theaters for the majority of its original run. It wasn’t until fans in Los Angeles sold-out midnight showings of the movie, with many fans returning to watch the film multiple times, that the film gained momentum, eventually becoming the midnight classic it’s known as to this day. In fact, accounting for the weekly midnight screenings, RHPS is the longest-running theatrical release in film history.

Over the years the fandom for RHPS has evolved, slowly becoming the interactive experience we know and love today. These current midnight showings are often performed with actors dressed up as the characters and performing alongside the movie in real-time, in a process known as shadow casting. The audience is encouraged to participate by throwing objects and yelling at the screen when prompted and dressing up as their favorite characters. Many theatre troupes perform initiation rituals for “Virgin” audience members who are seeing the show in person for the first time.

Fans enjoy this film for the characters and its themes, with many fans taking the motto, “Don’t dream it, be it” to heart. The film resonates with dreamers and outcasts, who see themselves in these characters as they embrace their sexualities and refuse to adhere to traditional gender roles. RHPS has seen longevity because it allows its audience to become one with the show and keeps the experience fresh and current. While trends may come and go, much like cockroaches and Cher, Rocky Horror is here to stay. To celebrate the Sapphire anniversary of this beloved film and its devoted fans we’re displaying the amazing tattoos inspired by this timeless classic.