Police arrive on March 19th at Romeo Lacoste's West Hollywood tattoo shop

This past weekend, the tattoo world exploded with breaking news. Celebrity tattoo artist and makeup mogul Kat Von D posted a controversial video to YouTube entitled "I am NOT a Nazi. I am NOT anti-vaxx." Then we saw both Ariana Grande and Drake get brand new tattoos. But of course, the crown jewel was the social media rapture of Romeo Lacoste.

Over the weekend, a screen recorded video was posted to Twitter that featured celebrity and YouTube tattooer Romeo Lacoste knowingly engaging in sexual conversations with underaged girls. After the tweets were released and were reposted by a number of influencers, Lacoste deleted his Twitter account and blocked commenting on his Instagram page. On Saturday, March 16th. DramaAlert's Keemstar reported on the social media scandal and interviewed Lacoste's ex-girlfriend, who was 15 when he was 19. Them, the next day, Lacoste did an interview with Keemstar, where he admitted to knowingly conversing with underaged girls in a sexual manner.

Then yesterday, on March 20th, Keemstar released a tweet stating that the police had visited Romeo Lacoste's, The California Dream, tattoo shop that afternoon. Later that night, Keemstar reported on the ordeal, although he did admit "we don't know why the police are looking for him and if they're actually trying to arrest him for his interactions with underaged girls." However, the DramaAlert presenter did say that he'd spoken to Lacoste privately that night and the YouTuber was nervous, to say the least.

Stay tuned in to learn more about the Romeo Lacoste scandal sweeping not only the tattoo industry but the world of YouTube. Then let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.