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Geary Morrill's tattoos are instantly recognizable from across a room, which is the greatest compliment an artist can hope for. Morrill, known to the tattooing world as Roy G Biv, passed away after a lengthy battle against cancer on Thursday.

Morrill's passing left an enormous hole in the heart of the industry, as can be seen by the massive outpouring of love seen over the last day. People were inspired by his self-described "Psychotrad" style of tattooing, but more importantly, they were touched by the person behind the art. People who knew him best spoke of Morrill as the type of person who brought light into their lives. 

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Inked sends all of our love to Geary Morrill's family and friends during this difficult time. We've put together a collection of tattoos by the beloved Roy G Biv to celebrate his life.