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It's impossible to grow up loving Sesame Street without knowing the words to this iconic little ditty: 

Oh, rubber ducky, you're the one. 
You make bath time so much fun.
Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fond of you! 

Ernie might have been a pretty crummy roommate, but he took wonderful care of his rubber friend. Given his imagination, it might be even more apt to consider Rubber Ducky to be a pet. 

Believe it or not, the rubber ducky was first marketed as a chew toy... for kids. It was a fun little item that a youngin could work on while their teeth were coming in. You've come a long way from getting slobbered on by a bunch of youths, ducky. 

Today the rubber ducky is one of the most recognizable toys in the world. For Steven Compton, the rubber ducky is a source of artistic inspiration. More than a few of the tattoos in the following gallery are by Compton. Using the iconic toy as a jumping-off point, Compton dreams up (and then tattoos) some of the craziest takes on the toy you've ever seen. Rubber ducky as Skeletor? Check. Rubber ducky as a cupcake? Check. Rubber ducky as a bottle of delicious sriracha? Oh yeah. 

Of course, Compton isn't the only artist enamored with rubber duckies. You'll see the work of some other tattooers as well. So, pay tribute to your favorite bath time companion and enjoy this gallery of rubber ducky tattoos. But, please, don't drop your phone/computer/tablet in the tub while doing so. That would be bad.