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Ruby Rose became the hearthrob and girl crush of guys, gals and all in between in Orange is the New Black. A tatted-up badass babe? How could any of us even resist.


Now playing Batwoman, (which is an awesome justice to the lesbian comic character, as the openly gay actress identifies as gender fluid) Ruby Rose is covering up some of her tattoos when she is out of the Batsuit, as Kate Kane. Rose tells reporters after the Television Critics Association panel for Batwoman which of her tattoos won’t make the screen and why.

Some are religious tattoos that wouldn’t work for Kate Kane, as Ruby Rose is Anglican. Kate Kane is Jewish, and as some of Rose’s tattoos include religious iconography, the character most likely wouldn’t have gotten Christian tattoos. This includes her cross and rosary beads. “I was in church choir growing up and that was a really instrumental part of my life. So I have these tattoos that do not make sense for a Jewish woman. So we’ve gotten rid of them,” Rose said.

Ruby Rose is in the makeup chair covering those tattoos for each take, replacing them with fake tattoos. However, Rose adds that, strangely, some of her tattoos are ones that Kate Kane already had.

Many tattooed celebrities have chosen to laser their tattoos to not hinder their casting opportunities. Rose has not added any new ink since landing the Batwoman role and said, “I’m doing more removing than I am adding. When you’re spending that long in the chair every morning, you’re like ‘I could save a good amount of time if I got rid of those things.’”

When asked if Ruby Rose would commemorate her role with a Batwoman tattoo, she replied: “I don’t know, and then it feels rude to like put Batwoman on a butt, you know what I mean?” Rose said. “[When I’m] a 90-year-old with Batwoman, it won’t be the same.”