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Although I was definitely a Disney Channel girl growing up, "Rugrats" was one of my favorite shows to watch. "Rugrats" premiered in 1991 and it was one of the first cartoons to premiere on Nickelodeon. The show follows the day-to-day experiences of a group of toddlers and their many imaginative adventures.

The leader of the toddlers is Tommy Pickles (voiced by E.G. Daily), a one-year-old child who's often seen wearing a blue t-shirt and a diaper, the latter he uses to store items such as his screwdriver. He's known throughout the series as being brave and adventurous. Tommy is an only child for many seasons of the show, however, during the 1998 "The Rugrats Movie," his brother Dil (voiced by Tara Strong) is born.

Tommy Pickles' best friend throughout the show is Chuckie Finster Jr. (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh and Nancy Cartwright), who's known for being clumsy, timid and shy. Chuckie is two-year-old, has wild red hair and purple glasses. In the early seasons of the show he's an only child to his father Chas Finster, but in the film "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie," Chuckie gets a step-mother Kira and a step-sister named Kimi.

Phil and Lil (voiced by Kathie Soucie) are Tommy Pickles' neighbors. They're fraternal twins who wear matching outfits and are known for their love of eating dirt, playing with bugs and arguing with one another.

One of the show's antagonists is Angelica Pickles (voiced by Cheryl Chase), Tommy Pickles' older cousin. She frequently picks on the toddlers and is known for carrying around her favorite doll, Cynthia. Angelica' often goes head-to-head with Tommy's neighbor, Susie Carmichael (voiced by Cree Summer,) who sticks up for the toddlers.

The original series ran for nine seasons, concluding in 2004. There have also been many films that are canon in the series, including 1998's "The Rugrats Movie," 2000's "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie," and 2003's "Rugrats Go Wild," which was a crossover with "The Wild Thornberrys." A spin-off series, "All Grown Up!" premiered in 2003 and showed the characters as adolescents. This show ran for five seasons and brought back the original voice cast. A CGI remake of the original series aired in May, 2021 on Paramount+ and has introduced the story to an entirely new audience.

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