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Sanrio is a Japanese company that's made a tremendous impact on popular culture. They're known for their kawaii designs and characters, specifically their mascot Hello Kitty. Although there are over 400 Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty is undeniably the most popular and commercially successful. Hello Kitty was designed by Yuko Shimizu and she made her debut in 1974. According to her backstory, she's an anthropomorphized Japanese bobtail cat who resides in London, England with her family. Since the character's creation, she's been featured in books, movies, television shows, manga and games. She's also been featured in countless product lines—from clothing to accessories to kitchenware to cars. By 2014, Hello Kitty was worn a staggering $8 billion a year and is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time (second only to Pokémon).

In honor of Hello Kitty's impressive legacy, take a peek at 50 sensational Sanrio tattoos from talented artists around the globe. Then let us know your favorite character of the bunch in the comments section on social media.

Hello Kitty

Full Name: Kitty White

Introduction: 1974

Nationality: British

Species: Cat


Full Name: Aguresshibu Retsuko

Introduction: 2015

Species: Red Panda

Hobby: Death Metal Karaoke


Full Name: Gudetama

Introduction: 2013

Gender: Genderless

Species: Food

My Melody

Full Name: My Melody

Introduction: 1975

Nationality: British

Species: Rabbit

Little Twin Stars

Full Names: Kiki and Lala

Birth Place: Omoiyari Star in the Dream Star-Cloud

Introduction: 1975

Species: Stars


Full Name: Cinnamoroll

Introduction: 2001

Species: Dog

Residence: Cafe Cinnamon


Full Name: Kuromi

Introduction: 2005

Species: Rabbit

Birthday: Halloween


Full Name: Pompompurin

Introduction: 1996

Species: Dog

Skills: Napping


Full Name: Tuxedo J. Orville Samuel

Introduction: 1979

Nationality: British

Birth Place: Antarctica