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Modern Family star Sarah Hyland recently shared her tattoo removal on her Instagram story, and- boy- did it look painful. Hyland is the owner of quite a few tattoos, all of which are adorable as fuck- so everyone seems to be wondering "Which one is gone?" 

Apparently, Hyland isn't too happy about all of her ink and based on her positioning during the removal it might be the dino on her rear getting the deuces. 

sarah hyland removal

Hyland showed the tattoo for the first time in 2017 alongside friend Katie Welch, who also has a dino on her booty. Nothing exactly seems amiss, though the tattoo is a pretty mediocre dinosaur. 

But the dino tattoo isn't the only one that could getting the chop- or, more accurately, the laser. Hyland also has a tiny arrow that runs along her spine, which could also explain the level of pain she seems to be experiencing in her story. 

Either way, Hyland was in the capable hands of celeb dermatologist Nurse Jamie during the procedure, and it's interesting to think that she might post a tattoo removal pic. Maybe that's the next trend- celeb tattoo removals.  

Are we entering the new age of celebrities finally removing their regretted tattoos? Will more celebrities get shitty tattoos as removal becomes more popular? Or will removal have no impact on the industry? Let us know your thoughts.