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Sarah Logan is channeling her no-mercy fighting style into her ink with her latest back piece. The WWE performer shared a picture to her Instagram of her new tattoo- a vicious wolf on her back.

Logan is known for being a wild child who's catchphrase is “born in the woods and raised in the mud,” so her giant wolf tattoo probably isn't a shock for most fans. She is known for bursting into the ring when least expected to take names and bust heads. To be honest she's kind of scary, but this tattoo also shows another side of her. Logan didn't get just any old wolf put on her back- she got the wolf that is said to come when it's time to fuck shit up. 

According to Logan's post, the wolf, known as Fenrir, is supposed to awaken and bring with him the end of days. A beast bound in chains waiting to rain havoc on mortal and godly beings alike, the tale reflects the powerful and normally fight-ending energy that Sarah brings with her every time she enters the ring. In keeping with the Norwegian roots of the wolf, the tattoo was done by Welsh freehand artist Sean Parry and it takes up nearly half of Logan's back. Go big or go home, baby.