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You may not have originally thought that Chris Rock belonged in the Saw franchise, but after seeing him in the new trailer for "Spiral," you might be changing your mind. 

"Spiral" is the latest installment in the Saw series, and stars Chris Rock as well as Samuel L. Jackson as the detectives in charge of solving the serial murders that are running rampant across the city. Continuing on from the 2004 Saw franchise, Rock takes on the traditional cop role that was originally held by Costas Mandylor's character, Mark Hoffman. The story is the one we have seen throughout all the films—a cop hunting a serial killer, but the curiosity as to how the game will be played is what draws viewers in.

Based on the trailer, "Spiral" looks just as gory as the rest of the films in the Saw series. This gore is the exact thing that skyrocketed "Saw" to fame and made the franchise a household name. According to Games Radar, "Saw" became immensely popular because of the messy, graphic, and low budget looking filming style. Pair the intense visuals with a story of everyday people getting murdered, and you had a box office hit that continues to get sequels 15 years down the road. 

Despite the gore, people love to get Saw inspired tattoos. Ranging from funny to detailed portraits, the love for serial killer films seems to inspire some of the most fascinating tattoo designs.