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In Hollywood, it's pretty unusual for a celebrity not to have least one tiny tattoo and in hip-hop, a tattoo-less rapper is basically unheard of. However, Saweetie is currently inkless. Saweetie rose up in hip-hop with her platinum single "Icy Girl" and her 2019 hit "My Type" went triple platinum. Now she's one of the hottest women in hip-hop and is a sought after feature for many artists.

On May 24th, Saweetie took to Instagram wearing a sleeve of fake tattoos and posted the caption: "Should I get yatted? 🤔." Many of her followers responded with mixed opinions, with tattooed model Slick Woods writing, "I’m yatted fuck it," and Quavo, Saweetie's boyfriend, sharing three fire symbol emojis.

Stylish, of Us Magazine, reached out to Saweetie and asked her what she'd consider getting for her first tattoo. And the answer, well it was surprisingly sentimental.

"My mom and my dad have beautiful tattoos, but I never really thought to get one because I’ve either been busy with sports, college or music. I’ve always wanted one, but if I got one, it would be dramatic and I don’t know if I’m ready for that because it would definitely change my image. … I wouldn’t necessarily go all out, but it would be visible,” Saweetie shared with Stylish. “My mom had a cobra on her back and I always loved it. She’s just so fine, so smart and so bossed up, so maybe that! I’m such a copy cat when it comes to my mom."

What do you think of Saweetie's idea for a potential first tattoo? Did you grow up with tattooed parents? Would you consider getting a matching tattoo with your mom? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on Facebook.