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Sayyora Badalbaeva is a 23-year-old tattoo model and reality star based in California. Badalbaeva was born in Uzbekistan and lived in the Central Asian nation until moving to the United States as a teenager. In 2017, Badalbaeva appeared on the 17th and final season of Oxygen's Bad Girls Club and today, she's a pre-law student at the University of Southern California, as well as a model on Is My Girl. And while Sayyora was certainly an "exotic enigma" during her days on BGC, she's made an extreme modification to her physical appearance.

In Spring of 2018, Badalbaeva traveled to India to have a controversial surgery by a company called BrightOcular. BrightOcular is an artificial implant made of silicone that is inserted directly into the iris. This creates a permanent contact lens that changes the color of the eyes. 


In a video published to her YouTube channel, Sayyora explains to her fans why she decided to have the procedure and how the process is done. She shares that she was inspired to have the surgery after meeting influencer Khalil Underwood, who'd gone from having dark brown to ice blue eyes. She spent many years researching the pros and cons of this surgery and ultimately booked an appointment in India to have it done. Currently, this procedure is not legally performed in the United States, therefore patients wishing to have it done must travel to locations in other countries. Badalbaeva claims to have had an extremely successful procedure and she notes that she has regular visits with her eye doctor in California to ensure that she's in good health.

Before and after having the procedure done, Badalbaeva claims to have received criticism from both people on social media and her family members. This is because many testimonials have come out in recent years where past clients have suffered major complications from this procedure. Some have claimed that the surgery caused them to lose vision, while others fear they're going to become completely blind.

Luckily for Badalbaeva, she has her eyes checked on a monthly basis and in case something does go wrong, the implants can be removed down the line. What do you think about permanent color contact lens? Would you travel half-way around the world for a surgical procedure? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.