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When you hear the word arachnid, what comes to mind? You thought of spiders, am I right? Well, as it turns out, there are many invertebrates in this class, including scorpions. Scorpions are believed to go back 435 million years and today, there are over 2,500 different species. Most scorpions live in deserts, however, they've been found on every single continent aside from Antarctica. They're recognized for their grasping pinchers and segmented tail with a stinger at the end. Against popular belief, the majority of scorpions don't pose a serious threat to humans. However, about 25 species have venom capable of killing a human.

The world's most lethal scorpion is known as the Deathstalker and it's native to the desert regions of North Africa and the Middle East. The Deathstalker has the fastest lunge of all species, snapping it's stinger at 51 inches per second. Their venom contains neurotoxins and cardiotoxins that can cause cardiovascular and respiratory dysfunction. Other deadly species of scorpions include the Bark Scorpion (native to North America), the Spitting Thicktail Black Scorpion (native to Southern Africa) and the Yellow Fattail Scorpion (native to North Africa and Southeast Asia).

In honor of all the scorpion lovers out there (and Scorpios, of course), take a peek at 35 of our favorite tattoos from talented artists around the world in the gallery below. Then let us know if you'd keep a scorpion as a pet in the comments section on social media.