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Scott “Scotty” Sire, recording artist and digital creator, initially rose to viral fame through his witty antics and comedic character via Vine, and later, YouTube. His debut album, Ruin Your Party, released in 2018 peaked at #7 on the iTunes Pop Charts and #55 overall. Through songs like “Mister Glassman,” “Notice Me,” “Sad Song” and “Take Me Away,” Sire's music brand: an alternative-pop mixed with hip-hop, reflects his fun sense of humor, while dealing with heavier themes prevalent in young-adult culture, like mental health.

Collaborating with Sire, Todd “Toddy” Smith began his popularity on Vine, bringing a new charm to the YouTuber group, the Vlog Squad. Recently releasing his book with Darren Nuzzo, I'll Give You a Dollar If You Consider This Art, the two old-soul writers utilize a quick-pace style, while seamlessly weaving important commentary on growing up and creating art in the internet age.

We caught up with the internet’s favorite best-friend duo, Scotty and Toddy, who revealed what celebrity they would want to join the Vlog Squad, as well as a Vlog Squad edition of "Fuck, Marry, Kill;" and what face tattoos the touring bromance sensation would pick for one another.

Photography by Troy Conrad 

Photography by Troy Conrad 

How would you describe your BFF dynamic?

Todd: Like brothers.

Scotty: Like Yin and Yang.

Who would play Scotty and Toddy in a movie about the Vlog Squad?

Scotty: Brad Pitt

Toddy: and Leo Dicaprio.

What are some of the wildest memories and pranks with the Vlog Squad?

Scott: I always think about the 5,000 pounds of dry ice in the pool.

Todd: When David [Dobrik] hired a fake Uber driver to take us home, and proceeded to shoot us with a paintball gun.

What is the worst habit/pet peeve of the other?

Scott: You don't like that I get angry when you fart, cause every time I fart, Todd goes, ‘Dude, if I did that, you would get so pissed off right now.’ Mine would be that noise Todd makes after he eats something, he kind of throws up in his mouth.

Todd: *Laughing* Yeah I regurgitate my food. Usually acidic stuff like Chipotle, it’s a superpower of mine.

Todd, tell us about your book, I'll Give You a Dollar If You Consider This Art.

Todd: The narrative of the book is guided by nonfiction, as a collection of composition-style short stories, poems, literary rambling, sewn together by diary entries that are very close to our hearts. It explores themes such as identity, loneliness, love, and a wide range of emotions. I'm excited for it because it kind of separates me from just being a member of the Vlog Squad. The way it reads is kind of like social media today, where it isn’t one long, giant novel where you lose interest really fast.

Scott: Yeah. I think it's cool that you pick up the book and read a page and then, you know, you can put it down after you finish the story, instead of getting stuck.

Todd: I'm getting the title of the book tattooed somewhere on my body. I haven't decided where yet but my go-to is probably the thigh, but maybe I want it on my arm.

Scott, tell us about your upcoming touring.

Scott: I've been working on an album since we got back from our last tour, and then we finally got all the songs put together, to be mixed and mastered for a release in September. We go on tour that same day, leaving for Australia. It’ll be our first two shows overseas, and so far tickets have sold really well.

Then we come back and start the duets-leg of our tour on October 4th. That’ll be 30 shows across the country, and Todd and I get to be on a bus together for 45 days.

What are you most excited for being on tour together?

Scott: I like the bro-time that we get, you know, we’re kind of forced to hang out, but also I love being able to experience what we’re experiencing on stage together.

What’s something you know about the other that no one knows?

Scott: Well, if I told you that I'd have to kill you.

Todd: I have really bad handwriting

Scotty: If he didn't announce his book it would have been a great time for me to use that one, but as much as he acts like he acts like he doesn't care about stuff, he's actually a really sensitive guy.

Todd: *Laughing* As much as he acts like he's sensitive, he really doesn't care.

What's your favorite tattoo on the other person?

Todd: The bear on his side that says, ‘The Kids Want Techno.’

Scott: A lot of people don't even realize that I have that tattoo cause it's on the side of my body, but it was my first tattoo.

My favorite on Todd, if I'm not being biased, is the ‘Never Too Much Scotty’ tattoo. I also just like it, it was for a video. Or his elephant tattoo too.

If you had to pick a face tattoo for the other, what would you pick and why?

Todd: I would have Scott get a star underneath his eye, because he is a star in my eyes.

Scott: *Laughing* A crab so if he ever gets angry I can make jokes and say, 'Why are you being so crabby right now?'

Scott, what celebrity would you match Toddy on a date with?

Scott: Leo Dicaprio. Or Emily Ratajkowski.

Todd: I was thinking that too but she's married.

Scott: Well if she wasn't married, that’s who I would match you with on a date.

Todd: Appreciate that.

Scott: or Lady Gaga

Todd: Ooh we could play the piano together.

Who would be the dream person that you'd want to join the Vlog Squad?

Scott: Leo and Brad Pitt.

Todd: Will Ferrell. But no, then he would outshine us and we would all lose our jobs.

Scott: It’s a weird dynamic adding people to the Vlog Squad, how it would affect my time in the Vlog Squad.

Todd: Every person that we add means less time for Scott. If anything, we should get rid of David, but we can’t bite the hand that feeds us.

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Vlog Squad Edition.

Todd: Marry Scott, Fuck David, Kill Jonah [Nick Antonyan.]

Scott: Marry David for the money, Fuck Todd, and Kill Kristen [McAtee]. *Laughing I'm just kidding, obviously marry Kristen, but it's funnier the other way around.

Photography by Troy Conrad 

Photography by Troy Conrad