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Every tattoo artist has a craziest client story, whether their client fainted, threw up, started a fight or pooped their pants. How do we know? Well, we've interviewed hundreds of tattoo artists from around the world for our YouTube channel and their stories never fail to surprise us. Online pranksters NELK decided to take inspiration from one of the most popular crazy clients and prank a local Toronto shop for their channel.

NELK is a popular prank trio which includes Kyle Forgeard, Jessi Sebastiani and Lucas Gasparini. Their channel was first established in 2010 and over the past decade they've accumulated over 3.87 million subscribers. Their most viewed video is "Coke Prank on Cops," which gained over 33 million views and helped establish them as a top notch prank channel.

For their prank, the Canadian comedians enlisted the help of New Tribe Tattoo and set up a variety of cameras around the shop. They then had member Jesse Sebastiani dress up in biker garb and proceed to get a Carebear tattooed on his butt. Artist Veronica Green was tasked with tattooing and handling the screaming Sebastiani, who not only scared her but nearly every customer in the shop.

In the end, it was revealed on camera that the entire appointment had been a prank and Green was an amazing sport about the noisy ordeal. What do you think about this prank? What would you do if you were in the artist's position? Let us know your thoughts on this prank on social media.