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Selena Gomez announced her collaboration with Benny Blanco, Tainy, and J Balvin, dropping the surprise single, "I Can't Get Enough."

Her latest Instagram photo teases her new foot tattoo, that upon closer inspection, says “sunshine.”

Although Gomez has never publicly revealed the meaning behind the tattoo, fans are assuming it is a tribute to her grandmother, whom she's called sunshine in previous Instagram posts.

Tracking Gomez’s past tattoos, she seems to have all sentimental meanings for her ink. For her past birthday she got the number four tattooed to match three close friends, and a second tattoo, a number one on her ribs, to match her numero uno best friend, Courtney Barry.

Most memorably, in 2o17, Gomez got matching semicolon tattoos with some of the 13 Reasons Why cast in honor of the show, which she helped produce, to discuss important issues including sexual assault, bullying, mental illness, and suicide. The semicolons on their wrists symbolize the continuation of life for those that suffer from depression, mental illness, and self harm.