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It seems like every day a different celebrity is here in New York City getting tattooed by Bang Bang. One might even say that it is no longer a rare occurrence. Rare occurrence. Eh? See what we did there? 

Sorry, I woke up a little goofy today and the dad jokes and puns are just pouring out of me. The point is that pop sensation Selena Gomez just shared a delicate little tattoo celebrating her brand new album, "Rare." The tiny script tattoo is on her neck, just under her right ear. It's small enough that it will be mostly hidden when her hair is down. 

This is far from Gomez's first tattoo, hell, it's not even the first tattoo of hers that we wrote about this week. Fans of Gomez noticed a brand new tattoo on the star while watching the music video for "Rare." That tattoo appeared to be a reference to the life-saving kidney transplant that Gomez had back in 2017 after years of struggling with lupus. 

Gomez's tattoo may say "Rare," but we think that it's actually very well done. 

"Rare" came out on January 10 and is available on all the usual streaming services and at your local independent record store. Support them. 

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