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In honor of Selena Gomez's upcoming 27th birthday on July 22nd, we're celebrating by taking a look at her tattoo collection. It's hard to believe that Gomez has 10 tattoos, many of which are difficult to spot. Like many celebrities, she opts for small and subtle designs, very much unlike her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Take a look at Gomez's growing tattoo collection in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on her work in the comments section.


In April of 2017, Gomez and the cast of 13 Reasons Why each got semicolon tattoos. This symbol has become synonymous with suicide prevention, a central theme of the show's story line.


In 2018, Gomez and her best friend Courtney Barry got matching "1" tattoos by the late Booboo Negrete.


Gomez and Barry also got the number "4" tattoo on their arms with two other friends, to symbolize their friend group.

"G" and “LXXVI”

Gomez has the letter "G" tattooed behind her ear in honor of her half-sister Gracie, who was born in 2013. On the back of her neck, Gomez has the roman numerals for 1976, which is the year her mother was bor

Music Note

Gomez's first tattoo is a small music note on the side of her wrist, which symbolizes her love and connection to music.

“God who strengthens me”

Gomez has her favorite bible verse tattooed on the side of her hip, getting the piece in October of 2013.

“أحب نفسك أولا”

In 2014, Gomez got the phrase "love yourself first" tattooed on her ribs by Bang Bang.


In 2016, Gomez got the word "Sunshine" tattooed on her foot for her Grandmother.


Om Symbol

Gomez has a faint Om symbol tattooed on her hip, which was first seen in 2015.