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Haunted hotels have become a staple of American cinema, thanks to films like The Shining and television shows like American Horror Story. And in the real world, many hotels including the Queen Mary have capitalized on paranormal sightings that have occurred for decades within their establishment. For Victor, Colorado's The Black Monarch Hotel, they built their establishment on the grounds of a former Gold Rush Brothel and Casino following a fire in 1899. It is said that the ghost of a miner haunts the halls of the hotel and many guests have reported hearing women laughing and men shouting in the night.

This past year, owner Adam Zimmerli remodeled The Black Monarch and ramped up the occult vibe of the space by customizing many of the rooms after famous serial killers. Killers Elizabeth Bathory and HH Holmes each have rooms decorated in homage to their crimes, which include framed taxidermy and other macabre decor.

Aside from famous killers, The Black Monarch also has a room inspired by Nikola Tesla and Zimmerli plans to decorate more rooms in the style of famous (or infamous) figures.

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