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When it comes to having professional interactions with sex workers, whether it's in a club or an online chatroom, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it. Take a look at some of the hottest strippers, cam girls and porn stars from our 2019 Sex Issue and their biggest dos and don'ts for clients.

"DON’T treat us like one of your peers. Too many fans get really comfortable with me and start crossing the line. I’m not your friend, so please remember that when talking to me."

- Jessie Lee

"DON’T sneak up behind me and grab my ass. DO send me cat photos."

- Charlotte Sartre

"DON’T ever ask a sex worker of any kind for anything free. Do you go to work and not clock in? Yeah me neither. DO be respectful. Say whatever and be crazy, but know us ladies look at most things."

- Taylor White

"DON’T send me nudes to my DMs. DO tip. I love tips. Tips make me feel like I’m doing a super job."

- Brandy Blackburn

"DO makeout with me sloppily. Making out is so underrated and touching tongues is my favorite. DON’T suck on my tongue or bite my lip. I’ll be the one doing the biting."

- Bee

Photo by Marcos Rivera

Photo by Marcos Rivera

"DO DM me to inquire about purchasing merch, content, etc. DO’NT DM me a FUCKING DICK PIC because I WILL put you on blast."

-Emily Blacc