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If there's anything we love more than tattoos, it's tattoos on beautiful women. Honestly, is there anything better? This year, 2020, was full of ups and downs, but amidst all the chaos it gave us some pretty sexy tattoos. These tattoos are on some of the more sensual parts of a woman's body—her chest, her hips, her booty and her back. My oh, my!

And let's get one thing straight, getting a tattoo in an intimate area is seriously hardcore. Tattoos are painful no matter where you get them, but the places that don't often see the light of day hurt the absolute most. And this is because these places are either shielded by very little fat/muscle, or they have tons of sensitive nerve endings. Take it from me, someone who has their sternum and hips tattooed all the way across in full color. Which means that all the women on this list are pretty damn badass.

Take a peek at the 50 sexiest tattoos of 2020 in the gallery below, then let us know the sexiest place a woman can get tattooed (and if you have that spot tattooed yourself) in the comments section on social media.