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In the over hour long finale to his series documenting the process, Shane Dawson has finally revealed his collection that is launching him into the makeup world.

In the extensive six part series, Shane Dawson documented the entire process of making a makeup collection with brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The idea started last year as a brief discussion between Star and Dawson in the series “The Secret Life of Jeffree Star” which served as a series documenting Star's transformation from MySpace singer to makeup mogul. The two seriously decided to work together on a makeup line, and Dawson released the first video in the six part series a month before the November First release of the Conspiracy collection.

Fan’s have been waiting for this pallet to drop ever since the mere mention of the possibility during the first Dawson-Star series, and the Conspiracy collection lives up to the long-awaited hype. The Conspiracy pallet is an 18 shade color story with a mixture of neons, neutrals, and gun-metal-esque metallics that can inspire even the most novice of makeup used (aka me). The names of the shades are iconic to Dawson’s videos, and include “Diet Cola,” “Not a Fact,” “IllimunaTEA,” and more that ring familiar to avid Dawson fans.

dawson and star holding pallets

The Conspiracy pallet isn’t the only part of the collection- it’s paired with a mini, nine shade Controversy pallet which is a beautiful mix of jewel tones and nudes. Dawson also has a six piece collection of Star’s iconic liquid lips, which are known for being light to wear yet last all day. The lipstick shade names are dedicated to people in Dawson’s life- his fiance with the shade “Ryland,” and his videographer Andrew with the shade “Are You Filming,” and others paying homage to friends and family. The collection also contains the cosmetic line’s first clear lipgloss.

jeffree shane cover

Dawson had very little experience with makeup before this project, so there was a lot of curiosity as to what the color story of this collection would be. At this rate though, the collection is probably going to sell out the second it drops.