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Now, I don't want to sound pretentious, but I don't have cable. It's not that I'm against the idea of watching TV all the time, I just happen to be really cheap. For 51 weeks of the year I don't think twice about my cable-less existence. I just live my life. Then every July, like clockwork, it sneaks up on me. 

Duuuun dunnnnn.

Duuuun dunnnnn.

Duuun duunnn duuun duuun duuun duuuun duuuun!


For the record, Inked magazine is in no way affiliated with Discovery. This is not sponsored content. I'm just one dude who frickin' loves watching documentaries about sharks. 

Sharks are amazing creatures! They're sleek apex predators with fearsome jaws filled with rows of razor sharp teeth. But they're also gentle giants with gorgeous markings lazily swimming throughout their lives. And in the case of the hammerhead shark, they can look pretty damn weird! 

It is the variety of sharks that makes them worthy of an entire week's worth of programming year after year. They're endlessly fascinating. Great Whites are obviously the stars of the species—I think they were featured in a movies or something—but there are so many other fascinating breeds. 

Take the Goblin Shark for example. Spoiler Alert: It's not just a clever name. These fellas look like the things of nightmares. White, ghostly and with a face that looks like a 3-year-old's shitty drawing of a Great White. Kill them with fire! 

Or have you ever seen a Sawshark? These guys have a frickin' saw for a nose, which is basically the most metal thing I could ever imagine. 

Megamouth sharks are known for their delicate, small oral cavity. I'm lying, obviously these bad bois have enormous, gaping maws.  

And don't even get me started going on about whale sharks. Are they whales? Are they sharks? Both? Neither? WHO CAN REALLY TELL?!?! 

Now, as I explained previously, we aren't affiliated with Discovery, so we're not going to demand that you spend the entire week glued to your TV set watching these incredible creatures. But we are going to ask that you peruse this gallery of stunning shark tattoos, although if you made it this far we're guessing you didn't require much convincing. Enjoy.