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Although he's just shy of turning 21-years-old, Mendes already has half a dozen tattoos. And unlike many stars in young Hollywood, he's made many fantastic choices when selecting artists and ideas for body art. Take a look at Mendes' growing tattoo collection in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on his ink in the comments section.


Shawn Mendes' most recent tattoo is a butterfly inked by Livia Tsang.


One of Mendes' most iconic tattoos is a surrealistic guitar on his forearm.


Another tattoo by Tsang is the black-and-grey sparrow on his right hand.

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Light Bulb

While in Oslo, Mendes got this beautiful floral light bulb piece.

Meditating Man

Mendes rocks a small meditating man tattoo on his wrist, inked by Courtney Raimondi.


Mendes' first tattoo was a small elephant on the inside of his finger.


On the same day he got the sparrow tattoo, Mendes also got the number 8 tattooed on his finger.