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Although most exotic dancers wear 6-inch platform heels in order to make themselves statuesque Amazons on stage, this pint-sized pole dancer is going for the opposite approach. Tiny Texie is one of the world's smallest adult entertainers, standing in at just 3'6 feet-tall!

Texie's short stature makes her a standout in the club scene and despite her size, she can command the attention of the room with her larger-than-life performance abilities. 

Currently, Texie is touring at clubs and bars throughout the United States and believe us, there are customers lining up to take a gander at this 38 lb performer. And although Texie is tiny, she's far from the smallest pole dancer on the planet. That title currently belongs to Sassee Cassee, who stands at just 2'10 ft and has performed in clubs around the globe.

However, if you're asking us, there's plenty of room for two teeny exotic dancers. 

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