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I hope you're ready to meet some real Prawn Stars! Eh? Eh? 

Today is National Shrimp Day because the tasty crustaceans deserve all the praise in the world. When I was a little one I didn't understand how shrimps existed in the ocean. You see, whenever I had eaten a shrimp it was all curled up upon itself, as is the way. So, naturally, I assumed they swam around like that. But how in the world could they do that? The physics of it just didn't make sense. And shrimp aren't exactly "glory animals," so you don't find them at the aquarium. How was I going to meet an actual shrimp and ask it to swim around for me? I wasn't. It was a problem. 

Thus, I went well into adulthood believing that shrimp just floated around the ocean, unable to swim because of their idiotic shape, waiting for a net to scoop them into a boat, whereupon they would make their way to my dinner plate. I truly believed this much longer than I ever should have before it dawned on me that cooking them would cause the curl. And on that day I felt like a complete and total moron.

Other than being completely delicious, shrimp are amazing little creatures. As you can see through the diversity of different shrimp tattoos, there are thousands of different species of shrimp. There is so much biodiversity within shrimp that there is a species fit for just about every type of water on Earth. Oceans? You bet. Rivers? Of course! Bath tubs? Not yet, but evolution is a work in progress. 

Prepare yourself a nice dish—shrimp scampi, shrimp cocktail, shrimp n grits, shrimp sushi, fried shrimp...—and get ready to enjoy this gallery of shrimp tattoos for National Shrimp Day.