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Bartenders in the Netherlands were shocked when a man came in asking for help saving his siblings from a local farm.

A disheveled and confused looking man in the province of Drenthe came into a bar and ordered five beers, then he told bartenders that he had run away and needed help. According to bartenders, the man claimed to have never attended school and have not been to a barber in nine years. He also told them that he had five siblings who were stuck in horrible living conditions on his family farm in the area.

dutch farmhouse cover

Bartenders immediately called the police who found the siblings ranging in ages 18-25 at the house, along with a 58 year old man claiming to be their father. The local mayor has insinuated that the man is in fact not the children’s father, and that some of the children are not even documented in the area. According to BBC, the “family” was found in a room down a hidden staircase behind a cupboard, and had been living on the farm for nine years waiting for the “end of time.”

According to the BBC, neighbors have claimed to have only seen the man at the premises. It’s unclear how or if he has any relation to the children, but due to their ages, it's safe to say the man has been in control of them for some time. Hopefully they are able to gain some answers and freedom soon as further investigation is done.