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One of the most popular and sought-after tattoo styles is mixed-media, which combines a variety of subjects and styles into one, fluid piece. It's a way to say and do the most in a singular tattoo by slapping together multiple juxtaposing images. However, while we love a busy tattoo, we can also get down with the polar opposite. Minimalist designs are very popular these days and you can thank big celebrities for their success.

You see, many famous actors or models don't want to drastically alter their appearance, as it may conflict with their ability to book gigs. They instead opt for something subtle, which can easily be hidden by makeup or clothes. Many regular people have flocked to this style after seeing it on their favorite celebrities and now, minimalist tattoos are everywhere.

Doing a minimalist tattoo is much more challenging than you might think, as every move needs to be precisely executed. If a tattooer makes a mistake with a more detailed tattoo, they can easily cover it with shading. However, even a tiny mishap in a minimalist tattoo is going to be noticeable, making it extremely important to seek out an artist who's comfortable in this style.

In honor of National Simplicity Day, July 12, we've gathered up some of our favorite minimalist designs from talented tattooers around the globe. Check out these satisfyingly simple tattoos in the gallery below.