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During the 1950s, the first skateboard was created in California. Back then, they were made using roller skate wheels attached to a board and gained prominence among surfers. Over the next several years, brands began manufacturing boards and over time, they've become lighter and more durable. Improving the performance quality of skateboards proved to be very important to progressing the sport, as riders began doing tricks. One of the most famous tricks of all time is an Ollie, which was created in 1978 by skater Alan Ollie Gelfand.

Over the years, hundreds of tricks have been created and countless terms have been added to skating's vocabulary. Numerous professional skaters have broken into the mainstream, notably Tony Hawk and Nyjah Huston, who've made skating an full fledged phenomenon. Today, skateboarding has truly come full circle and will be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

In honor of skating's rich history, take a look at 60 epic tattoos inspired by skate culture. These tattoos come from talented tattoo artists around the globe and not only showcase where skating has been, but also where it's going. Then let us know your favorite tattoos from this list in the comments section on social media.