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“Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good.”

Legend has it that tattooing legend Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins said that whenever somebody tried to haggle with him over the price of a tattoo. And whether or not that story is actually true, so much of Collins’ life is wrapped up in mythology, the sentiment is 100 percent accurate.

How many times have we told you the cautionary tale of people trying to get a tattoo on the cheap only to end up spending thousands on laser removal and an eventual cover-up tattoo? You end up saving a little money at the start but in the end you’re filled with nothing but buyer’s remorse.

We harp on this when we talk about tattoos primarily because once the ink is in your skin it’s there forever. There’s no going back. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be applying this rationale towards everything you purchase. That’s why a company like SkeletonHD stands out from the crowd.

SkeletonHD makes one-of-a-kind wrist gear and accessories with, you guessed it, designer skulls. Plenty of brands like to sell you whatever they have and then completely forget about you. SkeletonHD looks to build a lasting relationship with everyone of their clients, not unlike the relationship between a tattooer and a collector.

Part of this comes from the one-year warranty with every item they sell. If anything is to happen with it they’ll replace it, no problem. Nobody is going to offer this sort of deal if their products aren’t of a very high quality, they’d go out of business in 10 minutes.

There are so many different styles of wrist gear available that there’s a perfect one for everyone. The designs look good in the garage as you tinker with your muscle car or as a subtle accessory that adds an element of danger to your formal wear. And, this may be just our humble opinion, but it’s hard to fathom a better compliment to a nice black-and-grey sleeve than the Red Devils Stack.

Why waste your time with the cheap stuff from a brand that cares only about your wallet? You wouldn’t go to a scratcher for your knuckle tattoos, would you? Of course you wouldn’t. If you want a statement piece accessory that won’t let you down, SkeletonHD is the way to go. 

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