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The world is filled with diverse and spectacular creatures, but few have captured our attention quite like the snake. There isn't just one thing about snakes that draws people to them. For many of us it's a combination of their incredibly unique appearance, their beautiful and varied coloring and the simple fact that they can range from completely harmless to terrifyingly lethal. Snakes are simply fascinating. 

So it comes as no surprise that there is a wide array of snake tattoos out in the world. Some people get them to look tough (ever seen a little film called "Escape From New York?"), while others choose a snake tattoo to represent something meaningful. 

We could make many assumptions about why people are so enthralled by snakes, but we believe that our friend Gene Belcher sums it all up far better than we ever could. 

Seriously, where are their arms and legs? Young Gene is wise beyond his years. 

The body of the snake, the flexibility and lack of limbs, is clearly a contributing factor into why they make such good tattoos. An artist can fit a snake through even the most awkward gap, or they can make the reptile twist and turn its way through any object. Want to show that your dagger tattoo means business? Impale a cobra's head with it. The snake plays a key role in one of the most iconic motifs of traditional tattooing, the Battle Royale. A talented artist can work a snake into just about any tattoo, and the result is always killer. 

In the gallery below we've collected some of our favorite snake tattoos. Don't be too scared, they won't bite. Or will they? 

If you have had it with these motherfucking snake tattoos on this motherfucking page, this might be a little more your speed. Enjoy.