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There are hundreds of tattoo pages on Instagram but one of our all time favorites is Snake Pit. Snake Pit has become infamous on social media for posting two types of tattoos: badly done tattoos and NSFW tattoos. And boy, is the content wild. While most of the industry showcases tasteful tattoos that uplift the art form, Snake Pit highlights the wild and out there work you won't believe exists. Whether it be the master pieces of kitchen magicians or a hentai leg sleeve, there's no end to the tattoo madness Snake Pit provides. We caught up with the anonymous tattooer behind the page to learn how Snake Pit's story began and to get to the bottom of why people get permanent porn.

What inspired you to start Snake Pit and how did you come up with the name?

I had a couple other accounts previously that Instagram removed that were on the same vibe (R.I.P. @shitsluts and @shattats). They were flagged too many times and got the Instagram axe. I’ve learned what will get flagged and I’m more careful now. I came up with the Snake Pit name when I was high on edibles while watching a nature show. I thought about the worst place I’d ever want to be... a snake pit. It made sense at the time.

How did you initially go about finding tattoos and how do you get your content today?

I initially had to find the content myself which can at times be a bit of a hunt. As the page got bigger, more and more people started submitting photos. Now, I just go through my DMs and look through the submissions. My inbox always reads 99+, so there’s a constant supply.

Take us through some of your favorite tattoos that you’ve seen over the years.

There are so many, and I’ve seen a lifetime of crazy shit. One of my all time favorites is a cat laying on a fishbowl getting its dick sucked by the goldfish. It’s very random and badly done. It was one of the first things I posted. I’ve seen a ton of tattoos I can’t post because they’re too gnarly—at least ten tattoos involving spiders and assholes.

Why do you think clients get tattoos that are provocative, sexual and controversial?

Well, it's pretty straight forward. I guess they like dick, pussy or sex in general. Perhaps they do it for shock value or just to be funny. Everything has been done, so it’s hard to push the envelope these days.

Why do you think people get bad tattoos?

People get badly done tattoos because they’re not educated about tattooing. They don’t know the difference between good and bad and go to whoever is available and cheap.

Would you personally get one of these tattoos/ do you have tattoos that would belong on Snake Pit?

Sure I’d get something if it was well done. I have a couple not so great tattoos, but nothing on the level of what I post.

What’s the craziest tattoo story you’ve heard or experienced?

I guy came into my shop and showed me the tattoo he had gotten a few days before. His whole arm was badly infected and an absolute mess. I couldn’t tell what it was and had to ask. (Apparently it’s was skulls and flames). He lives out on a farm and paid his buddy a case of beer to tattoo him. The guy had a tattoo machine for tattooing numbers on pigs. They tattooed a few pigs and then proceeded to tattoo this guy without cleaning anything. He was asking me to add some shading to it and “bring it together." I told him to go to the doctors and get some medication before his arm fell off.

How do you feel about people getting Snake Pit inspired tattoos?

It’s flattering, sort of. I mean whatever floats your boat. I don’t have a Snake Pit tattoo and I own it ... so I don’t know.

How does it feel knowing your page has made a big impact on the tattoo industry and has even broken into the mainstream?

I feel like I’m responsible to showcase the underbelly of the tattoo industry and at this point provide entertainment. I don’t think snake pit is mainstream at all. Once I move to LA, change my name to Kat von snake pit, and have my own show called Dinkmasters then it’s safe to say Ive become mainstream.

Where do you see the future of Snake Pit going as a brand?

I’m going to ride it out for as long as I can and see what happens.